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Our team of experienced and professional translators are accredited, educated, and simply put, the best in the business. We match the needs of your specific project with the right translator, ensuring we both meet and exceed your expectations. Whether it be for corporate communication, marketing and sales, creative adaptation, medical, legal, governmental, not-for-profit, or any other specific goal, we guarantee that we’ll get the job done right.

As part of Aquatique’s dedication to excellence, we employ a meticulous project management process, diligently tracking project status from the moment it is received until the finished product has been delivered, remaining available after the fact for follow-up, changes, questions, or support. Our team digs deep to understand the full meaning and intent of your documents, ensuring we capture all nuance and that nothing is lost in translation.


With our extensive knowledge of the interpretation and translation markets in Canada, and diverse experience in language communication, Aquatique is dedicated to providing the highest quality interpretation services. Our team of certified and accredited interpreters provide conference interpretation services for bilingual and multilingual events including national and international conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, and trade shows.

As part of our interpretation services, we provide the specialized equipment needed to achieve linguistic accuracy and clarity when working on site and in person. As the pandemic has reshaped the world, our team of interpreters have all adopted RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) technology platforms, able to continue to provide the same high-level of quality interpretation services, even when working remotely. Our team have home-based booths informed by industry best practices and modern technology, and are well versed in the use of all of the most popular casting applications.

We are committed to providing a bespoke service tailored to meet your organization’s needs and to contribute to the overall success of your event.

Marketing Collateral Translation & Copywriting

Websites, branding, market research, ad copy, direct mail, you name it, we have years of experience working both in, and in partnership with, marketing and advertising agencies. We understand the creative process, and when available, will draw from the creative brief or any other artistic direction to ensure that the full depth of your message is conveyed, and that nothing is lost in translation. We provide multiple options when working on creative projects, and will work with your team to find the ideal voice, tone and choice of words to best connect with your audience.

Revision, Editing & Proofreading

When proofreading, we aim to ensure your copy maintains clarity, focus, and readability, in addition to the primary task of flagging and correcting grammatical errors and typos. Where appropriate, we make suggestions on possible improvements, all informed by a copywriter’s perspective. We are meticulous in our approach, and in addition to locating and flagging typos, rogue commas, repetition, and inconsistency, depending on your project’s unique needs we are able to dig deeper, double check web-links, page references, facts, and anything else you may need. Focused on making our agency partners’ lives easier, when we find issues relating to readability and phrasing, we will provide specific recommendations and solutions on how to improve the copy, rather than simply identifying it as an issue.


We want to help you keep accurate and accessible records of recorded spoken word, and make your websites more accessible. Our transcription services are ideal for making executives’ speeches available to staff and press, or as a way of ensuring meeting minutes are recorded accurately. No matter the setting, content, or nature of the information, we are able to transcribe it accurately, securely, and quickly.

Customized Language Solutions

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Reach out to us directly to discuss your unique needs.

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