Our team of experienced and professional translators bring a wealth of experience in translating any type of document or media. We match the needs of your specific project with the certified translator best experienced in and suited to your project’s unique style and needs. Whether it be for corporate communication, marketing and sales, creative adaptation, healthcare and medical, legal, governmental, not-for-profit, or any other specific writing purpose, we guarantee that we’ll get the job done right.

As part of Aquatique’s dedication to excellence, we employ a meticulous project management process, tracking projects from the moment they are received until the finished product has been delivered. After your document has been initially translated,  another professional and certified member of the Aquatique team proofreads your project again before it returns to you, guaranteed to be accurate and ready for immediate release. And even after the job has been done and returned, we remain available for any questions or further support you may need handled.

Marketing Collateral Translation & Copywriting

Websites, branding, market research, ad copy, direct mail, you name it, we have years of experience working both in, and in partnership with marketing and advertising agencies. We understand the creative process, and when available, will draw from the creative brief or any other artistic direction to ensure that the full depth of your message is conveyed, and that nothing is lost in translation. We provide multiple options when working on creative projects, and will work with your team to find the ideal voice, tone and choice of words to best connect with your audience.

Revision, Editing & Proofreading

When proofreading your copy, our focus is to make sure your writing maintains clarity, focus and readability, while removing any errors and making suggestions on possible improvements. We are meticulous in our approach, and not only will we locate and flag typos, rogue commas, repetition and inconsistency, but can double check web-links, page references, facts, and anything else your unique project requires. Focused on making our agency partners’ lives easier, when we find issues relating to readability and impact, we will provide specific recommendations on how to improve the text, written from a copywriter’s perspective.


We want to help you keep accurate and accessible records of recorded spoken word, and make your websites more accessible. Our transcription services are ideal for making executives’ speeches available to staff and press, or as a way of ensuring meeting minutes are recorded accurately. No matter the setting, content or nature of the information, we can get transcribe it accurately, securely and quickly.

Localization including web & social media

We will research and advise on the social, cultural and political components  needed for accurate communication and adapt your messaging and all of its deeper meaning to the unique requirements of the target market. As an increasing number of campaigns happen online and in social media platforms, we can adapt copy to maintain your message within character count, and make sure it achieves the clicks, likes and shares your content deserves.

Customized language solutions by request

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Reach out to us directly to discuss your unique needs.

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